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24_newsletter's Journal

a newsletter for the 24 fandom.
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24_newsletter is a weekly newsletter that will attempt to provide a summary of the 24 lj fandom. Everything posted to this newsletter is found through the 24_watchlist, and a list of the communities/journals that we draw from can be found here. Any suggestions for communities/personal journals we should add would be very much appreciated.

Stuff To Know

- If things go according to plan, the journal will be updated every Monday evening. I tried doing it biweekly, but there wasn't really enough traffic - I'm guessing that when Day 6 starts up this will change, and then I'll change the posting schedule.

- You can't join the community, but you can friend it. It's easier for me to manage that way.

- If you don't want your community or personal journal linked to, please either leave a comment on the most recent post or e-mail me at sheepfairy@gmail.com and I will comply with your request. Otherwise, I will assume that all public entries are okay for linking to.

- I only link to things posted on livejournal. This may change in the future (I'm thinking I'll announce the TWOP reviews), but for now, it's lj-only.

- This is not a recs page. I do not read every story or article posted here, and I am not making any guarantees to quality of the fanworks or the accuracy of the news. I just compile the information.

- As far as fanfiction is concerned, the information posted is whatever I can glean from the story headers. I try to post pairings/characters, ratings, and spoilers, but if the story doesn't provide it, I don't either.

- If the layout of this newletter looks suspiciously similar to femslash_today, that's because I thought thenewhope had a really good set-up and I followed it when I was setting up this community. So props to her!

Any questions, complaints or suggestions to better this community can be directed to sheepfairy@gmail.com or posted to the most recent post at 24_newsletter, and would be much appreciated.
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